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Our Sweet Recipe

Sweet Musings, also known as yi mu tian in Chinese, translates into an acre of sweetness. Sweet Musings is where you can expect your senses to be tickled by local flavors!

We are a one-stop shop that provides delicacies representing flavors of Singapore for both tourists and Singaporeans. At Sweet Musings, you can expect to find tarts and cakes with a local spin. From liu lian bing (durian cake) to durian kueh lapis (thousand layer cake), Sweet Musings is definitely a paradise for the durian lover!

The inspiration for these goodies stemmed from our deep love for the King of fruits – the rich and creamy durian. We wanted to create something not only uniquely Singapore, but also a souvenir that tourists can bring home as they reminisce the many delicacies they enjoyed on our sunny island.

Aside from durian cakes and tarts, our loyal regulars often drop by for our icy durian ice cream, which also provides the Chinatown crowd a respite from the sweltering Singapore tropical weather.

If durian is not your cup of tea, be sure to check out our pandan-flavored treats such as the ban lan bing (pandan cake) and the ban lan su (pandan tart). These unassuming pandan leaves will definitely make you relish in its aromatic aftertaste.

Drop by 12 Sago Street and expect your senses to be engulfed by an acre of sweetness at Sweet Musings.

在一畝甜,我们提供你一系列具有新加坡风味的点心。这些点心包括榴莲饼、榴莲千层糕和榴莲酥等等。 不管你是旅客还是土生土长的新加坡人,只要你是榴莲粉丝, 这绝对是你的专属天堂。
点心的启发来自我们对水果之王的热爱。对榴莲的情有独钟渐渐让我们希望能和更多人分享这个水果的奇妙之味。我们开始产生一个念头 —— 怎样才能把榴莲发扬光大,让旅客也能把榴莲的美味带回家乡?就这样,一畝甜也就随之诞生了!
  • Sweet Musings 一 畝甜,
    12 Sago Street, 12 Sago St, Singapore 059014
    Monday – Sunday: 10am – 8pm
  • +65 62257657