Lemongrass Pandan 香茅班兰茶


25satchets/packet 25茶包

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In easy and convenient teabag form, is this organic certified herbal concoction – Lemongrass Pandan. Lemongrass Pandan is a relaxing and tasty combination, particularly good for detox purposes and for tackling the common flu, headache and fever symptoms. Comes with no sugar and no caffeine content, this is a healthy drink suitable for all ages and for consumption at any time of the day. 有机香茅班兰茶,有独立包装的茶包。香茅班兰的配搭助于解压,排毒作用。如果有感冒,头晕或发烧现象,也可饮用此茶来帮助调理身体。无糖分,也没有咖啡因成分,这个饮料适合各种年龄,任何时间享用。


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