Musang King Durian Bar 猫山王榴莲棒


100grams of goodness sealed in a resealable bag 100克的重量

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Musang King also known as Mao Shan Wang is loved by durian connoisseurs for its bittersweet and creamy flavours that hits all the right notes. Packing in all this goodness full force – is the Musang King Durian Bar; made from only the real deal – Mao Shan Wang durian, with all water content taken out, leaving a burst of flavours in these bars. Suitable for all durian lovers alike, to share amongst the best family and friends. For local and overseas consumption! 猫山王榴莲因为它带苦带甜浓郁的味道,而深深地被榴莲爱好者喜爱。保持着原味的猫山王榴莲棒,是用于了原料的猫山王榴莲;水分痊愈吸收而制成的。原汁原味的好料,可带出国,可与家人好友分享!


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